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working in Japan

Establish a company

call my family to Japan

social position VISA

Get married and live in Japan

I divorced but I want to live in Japan as it is


live permanently in Japan

Nationality acquisition

Naturalization to Japan

Reward table

Nationality acquisition

​50,000yen to

Hot News

We will deliver the latest information on naturalization and visa

Advantages of retaining our services

Provide accurate information and quick response.
High probability to get permission, even when it is a reapplication.​
Various nationalities are welcomed.
​English・Chinese・Vietnamese etc.
We offer multi-language service.

Free consultation

Administrative scrivener corporation partner​:


Administrative scrivener corporation partner​:


​ビザ・在留資格・帰化・国籍取得 最新情報

ビザ・帰化・国籍取得 料金の目安


Working visa(Business manager visa excluded)

Certification of eligibility 100,000JPY~

Dependent visa 50,000JPY~

Change of status of residence 100,000JPY~

Extension of period of stay 50,000JPY~

Business manager

Certification of eligibility 300,000JPY~

Change of status of residence 300,000JPY~

Extension of period of stay 80,000JPY~

Status visaspouse, long-tern resident

Certification of eligibility 150,000JPY~

Change of status of residence 150,000JPY~

Extension of period of stay 50,000JPY~

Permanent resident 

Permanent residence 150,000JPY~

If more than one person apply at the same time

                       50,000JPY~/2nd person and more

Other visa

Temporary visiter visa 50,000JPY~

Statement of reasons 30,000JPY~

Certificate of authorized employpment 100,000JPY~


Naturalization 90,000JPY~

【Acquirement of nationality】

Acquirement of nationality 50,000JPY~

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