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​For foreign nationals who want to live in Japan after marriage, who want to continue to live in Japan even after divorce or bereavement, who want to live in Japan with children have Japanese nationality.

Advantages of ​retaining Administrative scriveners corporation Partner's  service

We provide fast and accurate service for visa・status of resident application.
High probability to get permission even when it is a reapplication.
​English・Chinese・Vietnamese etc.
We offer multi-language service.

Free consultation

Administrative scrivener corporation Partner offers advice for spouse visa and long-term resident  visa.

If you have any questions about the acquirement, renew and change of this two visa, it is important to ask experts for advice early in order to successfully get the permission.

We offer free consultation, please feel free to contact us.


What is status visa?

Status visa is a status of residence (visa) for people who have particular status such as Japanese descent and spouse of Japanese nationals.

Different from working visa holders, there is no restrictions on work for this visa holder.

Types of status visa

pouse of a Japanese National

For spouse or children of a Japanese National

Spouse of a Permanent Resident

For spouse or children of a permanent resident

Long-term Resident

​For spouse of a Japanese national who is divorced or lost his/her partner
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