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Most difficult residence status (1584 case) was approved!!

We are happy to announce that we helped one of our client got the above visa, one of the most difficult status to get approve.

In order to help stop the spread of coronavirus infection the government has highly restricted foreigners to enter Japan in the past one year and a half. Currently, only spouses of Japanese nationals or spouses with permanent residence status and people with residence status with family in Japan are limited to enter the country.

However, with that been said foreigners with a certificate of eligibility (working visa named 1584 case) are also allowed to enter Japan.

(1584 case) eligibility are limited to those who has following residence status before:

1. Those who has left Japan under special re-entry system and have reached the period of stay

2. Those who are unable to renew their period of stay after returning home because of coronavirus.

After carefully reviewing their wished and situation, we were honored to help them get the status and please to hear they were overjoy by the approval. Please contact us if you have questions or if you are also in the same situation. We will be here to help.



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