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Chinese family who applied for Japanese Naturalization

Hi, this is Kamimura (administrative scrivener) from Partner’s.

A quick question, how much applications do you think is needed to apply for Japanese Naturalization?

Answer is 100 to 150 pages for a single person living alone. For this family, it took about 800 pages of paperwork.

Below applications are for family of 5 from China. For a child under school age is about 600 pages but for kids who is over 15 years old needs more.

Just think about doing it on your own… all these paper works!!!

A person who is applying for naturalization also needs to pass a Japanese language test according to Aichi prefecture Legal Affairs Bureau. According to the Bureau some people with Japanese N1 level have difficulty passing the test.

Here at Partner’s, we go through our client’s situation in detail and fully support them according to their situation. Please contact us if you are thinking to file for Naturalization or just needed advice in considering that in the future.



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