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Obtaining a successful Permanent Residence Visa Status without failure.

There are several benefits for residents who lives in Japan to obtain a long term permanent resident status. First, you do not have to renew your status every time when it expires. Second, you can apply for home loans. These are the two biggest advantages of permanent residence status.

Recently, we received a lot of questions about long term resident visa because a lot of individuals who tried to apply themselves failed to obtain the status. We realize there are several points that need to be mentioned.

Today, we will talk about point number 4 “The salaries for new employees”.

Here are some of the reasons for foreign residents who can speak fluent Japanese but could not obtain permanent residence visa after they graduate. The first top reason is your salary. It must be over certain amount to obtain the status. For most new graduates, their salary is calculated from April to December which does not reach required amount. Another reason is that you need to live in Japan for up to 10 years or after you obtained the working visa for 5 years. The main point to check is the salary earned during the first year after you received your working visa. It is the optimal point that your first year’s earning must be over the required amount.

According to the permanent residence permit review, “There should be no public burden in terms of assets and abilities(skills) and can live a stable life in the future.” As it is written, there is a standard amount to be able to live a stable life in the future. The base amount also depends on how many dependents you are providing, the more dependents the more the base amount is required. Please contact us if you need additional information.

If you want to apply for permanent residence as soon as possible, you can apply for “advanced professional” permanent residence status first. If you have a score of 70 points or more as an advanced professional field for the past 3 years, then it is possible to obtain the mentioned visa first.

To apply for permanent residence status, it requires comprehensive judgements not just only meeting the income requirements. Income, criminal records, number of dependents, retirements and professional points are all evaluated to judge if an individual can receive permanent residences status.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time for free consultations!

Please visit our website or call us at 052-485-4699 for further details. Our multilingual staffs here look forward to serving you. Thank you.



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