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Technical Intern Training Visa

Technical intern trainees

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Program of Technical Intern Training for Foreign nationals

The definition of the program is that “the objectives and purpose of the Technical Intern Training Program are to transfer skills, technologies, of knowledge accumulated in Japan to developing and other regions and to promote international cooperation by contributing to the development of human resources who can play roles in the economic development of those developing regions.”


In brief, it is the program that gets young people in developing countries to learn skills and technologies in Japan, and contributes to the development of their mother countries when they back to their countries.

Therefore, foreign nationals should not be recruited to solve a labor shortage by this program.

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Administrative scrivener corporation partner​:


How to accept technical intern trainees?

There are two types of procedures for accepting trainees, “individual enterprise type” and “supervising organization type”.

Individual enterprise type technical intern

Enterprises and other businesses in Japan directly accept employees of overseas local subsidiaries, joint venture companies, or trading partners for technical intern training.

【Requirements of acceptable technical intern trainees】

  • Employees of overseas local subsidiaries, joint venture companies.

  • Employees of a company with at least one year of continuous international transactions or international transactions with a value of at least 1 billion JPY in the past year.

  • Employees of a company with a close relationship such as an international tie-up with a Japanese public or private organization located overseas, that is approved by the Minister of Justice.

Supervising organization type technical intern

Organizations such as business cooperatives and societies of commerce and farmers’cooperatives accept technical intern trainees for technical intern training at affiliated enterprises.

【Requirements of acceptable technical intern trainees】

    Major requirements for trainees

  • Applicants have to be over 18 years old, and plan to take their skills learned in Japan in their works after they go back to their mother countries.

  • The skills are difficult to learn in mother countries.

  • Applicants have experiences engaging in the same business as they are going to get the technical intern in Japan.

  • Technical intern trainees (and their family) are not collected deposit by organizations which send them over, management organizations, intern implementing agencies.                           Also, trainees are not under contract with organizations about charging a penalty in the case of failure to abide by conditions of  labor contract. 



    Major requirements for management organizations

  • Organizations have to carry out lectures about life in Japan, knowledge of lows in Japan and Japanese language class, over one-sixth of the activity schedule.

  Major requirements for intern implementing agencies (companies)

  • Assign instructors for technical intern and moral tutors.

  • Employee residence has to be prepared for trainees.

  • Social insurances such as labor insurance have to be provide.

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