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Engineer・ Specialist in Humanities・ International services visa

Visa for interpreters, translators, IT engineers , engineers.

Advantages of ​retaining Administrative scriveners corporation Partner's  service

We are able to deal with various occupations.
High probability to get permission even when it is a reapplication.
​English・Chinese・Vietnamese etc.
We offer multi-language service.

Free consultation

​Administrative scrivener corporation Partner offers advice for Engineer・Specialist in humanities・International services visa.

It is necessary to explain job content and background well, when a manager wants to newly employ foreign nationals or when a foreign national works full-time in a Japanese company.

It is important to ask experts for advice early in order to successfully get the permission.

Administrative scrivener corporation partner​:


Administrative scrivener corporation partner​:


Requirements for Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International services visa

In order to obtain Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International services visa, applicants have to fulfill some of the following requirements.

1.Academic background

① Graduated from a Japanese university (or a junior college, a graduated school).

② Graduated from a vocational college in Japan and have a certified diploma.

③ Graduated from foreign schools which are equivalent to universities or junior colleges in Japan.


※Major in the university has to relate to the work that applicants are going to get.

2.Business experiences

① Engineer・Specialist in Humanities: more than 10 years business experience.

② International services: more than 3 years business experience.


Academic background is not necessary if applicants have business experiences.

About jobs that need technology or knowledge of information processing, if applicants have certain licenses, academic background and business experience are not necessary.

​3.Wage has to be the same or more than Japanese

It is not allowed to employ foreign nationals with unreasonably cheap wages.

Wages need to be the same or more than Japanese employees who operate the same work.

If there is no Japanese employee operates the same work, the wage has to be over 180,000JPY.

​4.Stability and sustainability of the company that applicants are working for

The employer has to prove that the applicant has “certain deal of work” and the company “needs skill of foreign nationals.”

Judging points of Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International services visa

1.Statement of reasons about employment

To obtain Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International services visa, the employer has to explain that the reason to employ the foreign national (the applicant) and prove that there is enough amounts of work and the applicant fulfill the requirements such as academic and business background.

2.Employment agreement 

Details of work contents need to be on the employment agreement.

​3.Examination period

It usually takes about 3 months to exam the Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International services visa application at jurisdictional immigration office.


But if additional documents are required, then it takes more examination period.

It is necessary to plan well about employment due to that it takes about 6 months after the visa application that foreign nationals are actually able to start working.

Engineer・Specialist in Humanities・ International services visa

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