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Dependent (Family stay) Visa

​For working visa (including business manager visa) holders who want to live with their family in Japan.

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We have experience of dealing with various occupations.
High probability to get permission even when it is a reapplication.
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​Administrative scrivener corporation Partner offers advice for dependent (family stay) visa.

This visa requires to explain well whether an applicant is dependant on his/her spouse or parents, and also have to explain the necessity of being a dependent.

It is important to ask experts for advice early in order to successfully get the permission.

Administrative scrivener corporation partner​:


Administrative scrivener corporation partner​:


Who can acquire dependent status of residence?

Only Spouse, children of foreign nationals who have working vise (including management visa) can acquire dependent status of residence.

Parents and siblings cannot acquire this status of residence.

Some foreign nationals want to take their aged parents from mother counties to Japan and take care of them. But this is not the case of dependent status of residence.

If the following requirements are fulfilled, it is possible to acquire “aged dependent” visa.

  • Parents have to be aged (approximately over 70 years old).

  • There is no relatives who can take care of aged parents in the mother country

  • It must be one of the parents (mother of father lives alone because of bereavement).

  • Applicants have certain income to take care of aged parents.

Judgement points of dependent status of residence

Family is whether supported by the applicant who works in Japan or not

There is no problem if the family member is spouse or young children, who are obviously under support. But if children are grown-up, they may not be considered as dependent family member.

Especially if children have reached coming of age in their mother countries, it mostly will be refused.

It is important to prepare documents showing the applicant actually send children money as an allowance.

Whether the applicant has enough income to live with his/her family

It is important that the applicant, who is working in Japan, has enough income to support his/her family, when they come to Japan.

It is necessary to prepare documents such as tax payment certificate and pay slip to prove the applicant has income.

Family relationship

Having family relationship is the requirement.

To prove the relationship, it is necessary to prepare marriage certificate and birth certificate from the official organization.

Morals of family

It needs to pay attention to make sure the family members, who are brought over to Japan, have not had any moral problems such as overstay or illegal employment in the past. If there were problems, it would be difficult to get the status of residence.


​Q.My child is 18 years old. Can I apply for dependent status of residence?


​Dependent status of residence is for people who need support from the family member who works in Japan. Therefore, it would be very difficult if children reached coming of age in their mother countries. If their ages are equivalent to high school ages in Japan, it needs to explain well about the necessity of support and the purpose and necessity of going to school in Japan.

Q.Children who have dependent status of residence got married. Can they renew the status of residence?


​Getting married means children do not need support form their parents any more. They have to change the status of residence depending on what their spouse have had. If the marriage is with Japanese, the status of residence should be changed to spouse or child of Japanese nationals.

​Q.My wife used to overstay in Japan. Can she acquire dependent status of residence?


It will be very challenging, but it still have chance in some situations, However, it is necessary to explain the reason of overstay in the past.

If she hide the truth of overstay and it is revealed, then the possibility of refusal would be very high.

If there are any other questions, please feel free to contact us by E-mail or telephone call.

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