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Special skilled worker visa

The visa for foreign national workers who meet​ certain skill and Japanese language ability.

Advantages of ​retaining Administrative scriveners corporation Partner's  service

​We provide one-stop support starting form pre-guidance.
​The one-stop support is continued even after entry into Japan.
High probability to get permission even when it is a reapplication.
​English・Chinese・Vietnamese etc.
We offer multi-language service.

Free consultation

​Administrative scrivener corporation Partner offers advice for specified skilled worker visa.

We are able to give suggestions and offer various support as customers' needs.

For example, needs of newly employing foreign nationals, needs of changing foreign national employers' visa to specified skilled worker visa,  and only need support for the application.

Administrative scrivener corporation partner​:


Administrative scrivener corporation partner​:


Specified  Skilled Worker

This status of residence is newly established in April 2019.

Foreign nationals are permitted to engage in 14 industry fields and job categories, which have serious labor shortage problem.

Food service industry
Manufacture of food and beverages
Accommodation industry
Building cleaning management
Care worker
Construction industry
Machine parts and tooling industry
Industrial machinery industry
Electronic・electronics and information industries
Aviation industry
Automobile repair and maintenance
Shipbuilding and ship machinery industry
Fishery and aquaculture

Registered Support Organizations

Accepting companies are required to provide support for specified skilled workers (i).

The support has to be implemented by accepting companies themselves, or they have to contract out the support to registered support organizations.

​For more information >> Registered Support Organization Partner Holdings

Necessary documents for visa application

Accepting organizations (companies)

  • Support plan for specified skilled worker(i) 

  • Employment contract for specified skilled workers 

  • Written employment conditions 

  • Payment of wages 

  • Consent for payment of expenses and written statement of expenses 

  • Collection of expenses 

  • Summary of affiliation of the specified skilled worker

  • Certificate of registered matters

  • Copy of certificate of residence of executive officers

  • Copy of financial statement

  • Certificate of tax payment

  • Support service contract

  • Confirmation of advance guidance 

Specified skilled workers
  • Curriculum vitae of the specified skilled worker 

  • Skill test certificate (or any document that can prove the worker meet certain skill level.)

  • Japanese language test certificate (or any documents that can prove worker meet certain Japanese language level.)

  • Health check report 

Many documents are required to prepare for the application.

Especially, documents have to be process many times because it is need to be prepared in the language that specified skilled worker could understand well (mother language).

Also, additional documents are requested depending on the situation. It would be very difficult for companies to apply the visa by themselves.

Notification that has to be submitted on a regular basis

Notification that has to be submitted every 3 months
  • ​Acceptance situation (numbers, activities description, activity location, etc.)

  • State of implementation of support

  • State of activities (state of remuneration payment etc.)

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