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How to successfully obtain a Business Management Visa in Japan– Point 1 Capital

When foreign nationals set up and run a company in Japan, many people apply for “Business Management Visa”. However, it is said to be one of the harder visas to obtain because it has more screening points than other work visa. Even though it is difficult, if you firmly suppress the examination points from the preparation stage of the company establishment, it is very possible to obtain the visa. Today, I would like to explain about Point #1 The capital investment.

Capital Investment - 5 million Japanese yen?

In order to apply for business management visa, it is said that the capital needed has to be more than 5 million yen to start up the company. The capital doesn’t have to come out totally from your own pocket, it is ok to borrow from family and friends.

Capital Formation Process

It is important to note here that the formation process of how you obtain the 5 million is crucial. Immigration will definitely look at how the capital is prepared in order to grant you the visa. If you claim you saved up for the investment, then they will ask details on how you save it. They will check your bank accounts and monthly statements to see how the capital was build up. For example, if your income was only 3 million yen per year, how did you get to save up the 5 million yen in just a few years? These questions need good responses in order to proof that the capital is not collected just for the time being.

Finally, for a business management visa, what kind of company and how it is established is the main examination point. Here at Partners, we are not only here to help you to obtain your visa but we also help set up new businesses. We handle nearly 50 cases per year and has successfully supported our clients with our experiences and know how. If you need more information or interested in obtaining a business management visa, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will try to help you in any way we can.



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